$7 - Sketches (These are really just basic sketches where I just take one quick pass at it—Very Quick, always done within three days of purchase!)

$15 - Single Color (I clean these sketches up, give them basic lining, and give a single-color wash. Includes one pokemon on their team free of charge!)

$20 - Clean, Colored & Shaded (CCS’s take the most time because I look at these the closest! Only the best will do for these commissions, so if you buy one of these, expect high-quality!)

Backgrounds are an extra $10+ but can be more expensive depending on where it is. Adding an extra character starts at $5 but increases in price depending on what sort of commission you buy.

All prices are in US dollars and I accept payment via Paypal. If you’d like to buy one, send me a note on DeviantArt or message me here!

Please include in your message:

If you send me a message, I’ll try to respond asap but please don’t send any payment unless you’ve heard from me! My paypal account is aimeescholz@gmail.com. I prefer to be payed before I start drawing, but don’t worry! I promise to finish any and all commissions in a timely manner.

-> Anthro characters, fan characters, original characters, or characters from your favorite anime/manga/cartoons are all OKAY! (I can do mecha as well, but it’s not my strong suit so please be forgiving!)

-> Fetish art is NOT OKAY! (see the FAQ on my nsfw blog to get a better idea of what I do and don’t do.)

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